Demented Sevco Website Writer’s Ten In A Row Pieces Are Fantastical Claptrap.

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Do you know who Cameron Willis is?

He is a Sevco fan writer, at the site calling itself Rangers News.

Over the last few months his work has become increasingly bizarre. It was never that great, if we’re being honest, nor has he ever been fully engaged with reality … but just lately his writing has morphed in a direction more akin to what’s published on Ibrox Noise than anywhere else.

His article on the site about Michael Stewart was one of the reasons I wrote the earlier piece about the BBC journalist.

Willis’ gibbering screed on how he and other Sevco fans have doubts about Stewart’s professional integrity was a nonsense.

His real issue – his main issue, I don’t want to comment on whatever other issues he might have – revolves around what he calls our “questionable” quest for 10 in a row. Questionable, in his view, because he doesn’t think it has value.

Do not look for logic in any of what follows; there’s none. The man is raving because he cannot see a way of stopping us. His work reeks of fear.

People have been flagging his work to me for a while now, in much the same way as Ibrox Noise articles used to get sent to me.

That site is so OTT that even Sevco fans no longer take it seriously. Rangers News is going the same way.

Their soberer and more serious fans must be aghast at some of what Willis is writing at the moment.

His claims that our ninth title is “dubious.” What a clownish thing to publish.

Whether he likes it or not, it’s on the record. It is official. His own club does not object to it, nor question it. Part of his reasoning has nothing to do with the global health emergency either; he is one of those Sevco fans who seems to think the years they weren’t in the league don’t count.

His carping on about this is pathetic. His argument has no credibility. His angst has no teeth. He cannot alter the historic reality here no matter how hard he tries.

One of his lines of attack is that the media “shoehorned” the phrase ten in a row into the recent Jermaine Defoe interview.

Maybe they did.

But who shoehorned it into their assistant manager’s recent interview?

Nobody, because he used the words himself.

Willis makes a quite remarkable claim in one of his articles.

“The achievements of the Rangers side of the 90s will always overshadow those of this Celtic side. There is no doubt about that, anywhere.”

Really? No doubt about it anywhere?

When did that team win a domestic treble without losing a single domestic game?

When did they win back to back trebles?

Where is their treble treble?

Did they win eleven trophies in a row?

Were they on the brink of a quadruple treble?

Claims like that are stupid beyond belief.

I understand denial from these Peepul, but you can’t just make stuff up.

Willis’ articles are doubtless supposed to be rousing for his fellow fans, but in fact they are tragic grasping at straws and their whiny tone and disengagement from fact and truth are mind-blowing.

Every argument he makes has already been discredited and destroyed.

Celtic’s ten in a row quest cannot be stopped. History will record it as the greatest single period of dominance that any club has enjoyed in Scotland … no-one else, not even the fantastic Lions, come close to this kind of consistency on the domestic front.

This Celtic side has accomplished what no here ever has or ever will.

Records tumble like tenpins in front of this team.

No club in Scotland has ever coped with maintaining such a run nor the pressure that goes with it.

These achievements are phenomenal.

This is one of the great teams in the history of our game.

What he’s trying to do is lay the foundations for articles next year that our ten in a row is no big deal, that it doesn’t matter, that it doesn’t count, that it’s worthless. But I think the gentleman doth protest too much. He sounds scared out of his wits.

And he should be. There’s no stopping this train.

The Celtic juggernaut is going to keep on rolling, and when it gets up to full speed it is going to plough their manager and their team under. Willis should focus on holding his own board to account for getting them into this mess … but of course he’ll never do that.

Their club bloggers never do, and never will.

On Wednesday, this site will publish an unpdated version of our A-Z of Scottish Football Scandal. In the meantime, take the below quiz and see how much you know about some of the most shocking events in the game’s recent history.

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