Frank McAvennie Is The Latest Ex-Celt To Find Turning On Us Gets You Easy Headlines.

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Frank McAvennie is not the sharpest tool in the box.

The penalty box, maybe, once upon a tine, but outside of there he has never been much more than a clown.

It’s no surprise than in pursuing a media career he’s ended up the darling of the clickbait blogs, who can always trust someone like him to say whatever stupid nonsense is in his head at any given time … it’s even less of a surprise to find the media regularly publishing this sort of trash.

And, of course, nothing guarantees headlines better, or quicker, than an anti-Celtic slant.

Which he recently discovered and is now pathologically set on cashing in on.

His comments about Odsonne Edouard, which you can read all over the internet, are ridiculous and pig ignorant.

Just because a player decides not to bust a gut in pre-season friendlies he isn’t interested and wants to leave?

This is pub level analysis, when everyone is too drunk to see straight. What value is there in crap like this?

It’s more proof that someone being an ex-player automatically gives their opinions a weight and a “credibility” many don’t deserve.

Frank McAvennie is a not a proper analyst. He’s just another ex-player who if he hadn’t had skill with a ball would be working in a blue collar profession and espousing his theories about the sport in his local on a Saturday, with his friends shaking their heads.

But he already knows all any ex-player in this country needs to; if you want to get a nice gig in the media, target Celtic, their players, their fans, their manager, any aspect of the club that you can.

That will get you headlines.

That will get you attention.

And that might, in the fullness of time, land you on a news-desk, a phone in or even, if you’re lucky, the telly.

We know that being pig ignorant is not an obstacle either; Kris Boyd manages to hold down jobs in two of those fields when he can barely write his own name or string a sentence together. His version of analysis is legendry for not even reaching the Village Idiot level.

This stuff insults all of us, but insulting Celtic fans is good business and it always has been.

McAvennie is simply the latest to jump onto the bandwagon.

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