Leeds Can “Plot” All They Want. Edouard Will Be Going Nowhere In This Window.

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Today’s “big” story in the media; Leeds United are “plotting” a move for Odsonne Edouard during this transfer window, if they get promotion to the EPL.

Isn’t it amazing how often the media comes up with this kind of nonsense?

Isn’t it amazing how little they listen?

Eddie could not have made it clearer that he is happy at Celtic Park. Celtic could not have made it clearer that he is not for sale.

He will be handed a new deal.

He knows what ten in a row means.

He wants to be at Celtic Park for it.

The chances of Edouard being sold in this window are virtually nil. He is not clamouring for a move, and with us having sold almost all of our season tickets, and with the certainty that we will, in fact, sell out of them, there is no need for us to do that kind of business.

Indeed, if my calculations are right, we’ve probably not suffered that badly from the global health crisis thus far.

I don’t even think we’ll have spent much of the surplus.

The season ended early, yes, and there will have been knock-on effects of that … but we were going to lose two home games anyway as a result of the SPFL’s ludicrous “post-split” fixture system and that would have given us a maximum of four still to play.

All the expenses we’ve had to incur, the club would have had to incur anyway in the normal run of business. I can’t imagine this has cost us tens of millions. The surplus is still there. Season ticket sales assure that it will last a while.

There is no imperative for us to sell, and frankly the fans would be furious if he was.

The issue doesn’t arise.

The club doesn’t want to let him go and the manager has made that clear.

The manager. Some might think the bean-counters have other ideas, but you look over at Sevco and an entire marketing campaign minus Morelos and you see clearly that their club sees the writing on the wall and know the player has to be sold … Celtic is getting ready for quite the opposite, which shows their intentions clearly.

He will almost certainly get the number 7 shirt.

We intend to make him the front man for the Adidas campaign.

That does not suggest to me that the club has any intention of selling the player … or that he has any desire to go.

The press knows this, they’ve been told.

But they continue to write this nonsense anyway.

If the story has even a grain of truth in it then Leeds are doing business in a thoroughly unprofessional way … and that doesn’t impress people at Celtic Park.

In any case, they are wasting their time.

Do not let the media rattle us on this … it is not going to happen.

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