Sevco Has Another Bizarre Plan To Suck Money From Supporters And Some Are Lapping It Up.

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There’s one born every minute, so the saying goes. And that’s especially true in Larkhall, it seems to me. Right now, their desperation to stop ten in a row is such that fans will buy anything with the club logo on it. Tonight, well … this is a beauty.

I have to hand it to their over this stuff; they really do know how to stick it to their own and squeeze them until the pips squeak. If left-wing governments were this good at leeching high earners our public servants would have gold taps in their bathrooms.

Sevco has to be admired for the way they do this.

The MyGers scheme is one of the most blatant scams I’ve ever seen, splitting the fans into tiers according to who spends the most money. On Thursday they published the details of the tier system, splitting it into bronze, silver and gold.

To get to the gold level you need to have spent enough to earn 1400 plus points.

To get into the silver category you need 1100-1400 points.

Bronze is anything under that; this will be around 30% of their total membership.

Those guys are realising they’ve wasted £50. Those who have gold are the fans with the best chance of getting those hard-to-come-by match tickets … many of those in bronze are to staying there until they quit the scheme altogether.

It’s not built to last.

But Sevco intends to make hay whilst the sun shines.

Their latest wheeze is to ask their fans if they’d like to have their faces featured on a mosaic which will cover the Sandy Jardine Stand, something to represent “real fans” in the empty grounds prior to supporters being allowed back in. In England, you can get a cardboard cut-out of yourself. In Asia they’ve actually stuck sex dolls in the seats … a move that didn’t go down too well with FIFA, but which, nevertheless, made me laugh.

In Germany, one club’s fans, when asked to participate in the cardboard cut-out scheme, started sending in pictures of Harold Shipman en masse … don’t ask why, I have no idea. You’ll notice that aren’t getting such a high-end offer … a mosaic? Good God, a semi decent machinist could turn that out in a couple of hours.

They are charging supporters a tenner a head for it. And of course, that goes onto your MyGers score. Nobody will be moving from bronze into gold on the back of it. As you can gather, it’s all desperate, desperate stuff … only morons would pony up for this, right?

You won’t be surprised to learn that plenty are doing just that.

All those tenners … even if they could convince all 40,000 season ticket holders to buy one of these, and if they were going to represent the entire ground instead of a section of it, they would raise about less than half a million quid. Yet over on their forums their fans think this could be a great way “to get big players into the club.”

What a delusional bunch they are.

As football fans you can recognise when other supporters are having the piss taken out of them, and normally we’d feel sorry for them … but not this lot.

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