Last night, I posted on the “pressure group” that calls itself “Scottish Protestants Against Discrimination” and their unintentionally hilarious response to the Celtic fan who managed to get a Nine flag up the City Chambers official pole.

To call what they produced an over-reaction is to give it understate the issue.

The demanded an apology. They claimed it was proof that their culture was being threatened.

If you thought this response was limited to them, guess again.

This was a reaction that was all too widespread across Sevconia and it has allowed them to indulge in some of their most wacky conspiracy theories to the fullest extent. You would struggle to see a better example of everything that is wrong with their support.

A number of key themes have been combined here … and it is quite breath-taking when you look at it all.

It’s as if it’s this, as much as anything else, which has finally sent these people absolutely off their nuts.

This is an examination of their latest meltdown and the issues that it raises.