Date: 11th July 2020 at 4:43pm
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I enjoy laughing at the trials and tribulations of the other lot.

Does that make me a bad person?

They are so perfectly made for giving a right good slagging to that you feel, sometimes, as if you are slacking off if you don’t administer a new one every day.

There are times, though, when you don’t need to rub it in.

There are times when you don’t have to look for the humour or find a negative spin. There are times – and today is one of them – when that club does stuff that is so unintentionally funny that you can just report what happened and not bother trying to be particularly smart about it.

Today the Sevco club membership scheme – MyGers – has announced the latest incentive for those fans who are not yet members to get on board.

They will have a chance to “name” the new Sevco superstore. Alas this will not be a case of them simply picking what they want; they will have to pick between six very unimaginative options a couple of which – The Bears Den and Rangers Town – are so cringy their online community is begging fans not to vote for them.

Oh if wishing made it so …

How nice of The Daily Record to help Sevco sell this scheme.

They have done their level best to promote it from the start, and theirs is the paper carrying this ridiculous tale today.

The club claims that more than 16,000 fans have signed up … and that’s a surprise only in that the number isn’t higher because the MyGers scheme is a sublime money grab which has effectively given them a two tier support … those who can afford to join this and push their “points” total up and those who cannot. And that is not a small distinction.

Fans earn “points” by spending money, as much of it as they can, on Sevco merchandise and stuff like premium TV subscriptions.

The more you spend the more points you get, and those points – and not prior loyalty to the team – are what give you first dibs on those hard to get tickets for away matches and cup games. It has provoked fury amidst the fans, especially when Sevco gave fans a points bonus … but made it available only to those who hadn’t taken their refund for unplayed games.

To those supporters who have spent years going to away matches and finding themselves atop the pile of “first refusals” this must be especially harsh; the entire system they had bought into has been washed away, and replaced by one that prioritises those who buy cheap tat and Sevco TV packages which are grossly over-priced.

The cost of this thing is £40 if the fan is a season ticket holder and £50 if they are not. And don’t think that spending that money gets you the membership for life … this leeching will have to be renewed year on year on year or you’ll lose all your points and benefits.

It’s pretty clear that the full implications of that have yet to sink in for those who’ve ponied up the cash to join. Just one season of not being able to afford this puts you back at square one again, right where you before you bothered, needing to spend more than ever to make up for all the advantages you’ve lost. It is an annually renewing scam.

But worthwhile.

Because they can get to name the club store.

But only they you like one of the six options.

The Daily Record thinks this makes it all worthwhile.

You couldn’t make it up.

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