Date: 24th July 2020 at 11:09am
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Last night, news broke late that the SFA had demanded answers from Ibrox over the brand new government mandated testing protocols.

The reason for this was simple; Sevco played Dundee Utd at Ibrox on Wednesday, when nine of their players hadn’t received their test results.

It is difficult to overstate how irresponsible this is.

Indeed, according to reports the SFA had a two-hour emergency meeting which was almost completely dominated by this subject.

It is not known at this time how Dundee Utd feel about it.

Purely in football terms, this could have had enormous consequences. The new season can only start next weekend if the government in Holyrood signs off on it; this is exactly the kind of breach that would force them to delay it.

Sevco is fully aware of this.

They just don’t care, not about the game and not about the greater good of the public at large.

Their club, let’s not forget, demanded that the season be completed and worse; they demanded that it be completed in front of full stands. Yes, we know that was a snark to deny that Celtic’s ninth title had legitimacy, but to play with the global health crisis in that way, to seek to take advantage of it whilst people were sick and dying, was reprehensible.

The SFA has told the media that this isn’t on.

But you wonder what exactly they are going to do about it.

The discipline case against Hearts and Thistle was always coming, but action against Ibrox was just as necessary and there hasn’t been a thing.

If Sevco didn’t bring the game into disrepute during the summer, then no club ever has.

The SFA is a gutless organisation.

We expect them to do the sum total of nil here, because this is Ibrox they are dealing with and Ibrox operates by a different set of rules.

If these particular violations risk an outbreak of a deadly virus and untold damage to the game, so what?

This club has its own separate rulebook and we’ll continue to believe that until we see evidence to the contrary.

This should be the point, though, when even people like Keith Jackson and Gary Ralston pull off the leashes that Ibrox keeps them on and start to do their damned jobs right.

Jackson broke last night’s story, but folded into one about games being cancelled and delayed because tests hadn’t got back.

What happened in this case was that Sevco knew they didn’t have test results and played the game anyway, endangering officials, coaches, ancillary staff and the players of both teams … it is a shocking act which deserves – but will not get – a severe sanction.

During the summer, Jackson praised Sevco’s damp squib of a dossier and maintained that the club was trying to lead Scottish football into a bright new dawn.

Clearly he has missed the last few years where all the King boards did were drag the game into the gutter.

Sevco has never been interested in showing leadership but in greedily promoting its own interests.

They are an appalling, selfish and reckless club who have revealed themselves here as a such and as more; a clear and present danger to the wellbeing of the game.

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