Date: 24th July 2020 at 3:55pm
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Almost every media outlet which has written, today, about the meeting yesterday on virus testing has chosen to lump what Sevco did in with the explanations being sought from Motherwell, Hibs and St Mirren. None of those clubs blatantly ignored procedures.

St Mirren have been stricken by a number of positive tests and have acted accordingly.

Motherwell were asked to explain why their match against Sevco was delayed on Wednesday night, although Sevco were the home team, because their test results were late.

Hibs postponed a game when they could not get their test results on time.

In short, all three of these clubs acted appropriately in this matter.

The difficult in obtaining swift test results for Hibs and Motherwell is not, in and of itself, a breach of the guidelines.

It speaks to with the current , problems which could have been avoided had the clubs in question took the money the SPFL was given by businessman James Anderson and bought their own testing machines as Celtic and Ross County did, and Aberdeen are considering.

Sevco didn’t bother with that either, which is why their test results were also not available until late on Wednesday night.

In spite of that, they played a friendly against Dundee Utd several hours earlier, in which nine of their players are alleged to have taken part when the club did not know if they had the all-clear or not. This bears no resemblance to what the other clubs are being asked to explain.

It is several degrees of magnitude more serious.

Indeed, with the working flat-out to get this under control and football being asked to do its part, I cannot think of anything with the potential to cause graver consequences. As some have pointed, in Austria the league leaders from Linz have been deducted points for violations of their country’s own testing protocols.

Nobody expects that from the SFA, of course, but a heavy fine should be handed out and the club given a at the very least.

Our media should not be playing down the potential seriousness of this.

Indeed, they should be calling the club out for this appalling lack of responsibility.

Instead they are trying to minimise it in the most shameful way.

This does not help our game or our country at all.

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