Steven Gerrard Wants More Money To Compete With Celtic. But Hasn’t He Had Plenty?

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This has been some week for Steven Gerrard.

If you believe the hype, he’s got Sevco rolling as smoothly as a race-car on asphalt.

If you believe the media, he is now a trophy winning manager at Ibrox, putting him in the same exalted category as Mark Warburton and Ally McCoist, the only two men in that club’s short history to have gotten their hands on silverware.

Of course, none of these were major honours, and Gerrard’s doesn’t even count as something you’d use to hold the trophy room door open, but who cares about that when the stories have generated such nice headlines? The Sevco fans certainly don’t.

Even as he was appearing in front of the press purring like a cat that got the cream, he was haranguing the club’s youth players and demanding more money for signings.

He wants quality, he says, players who can go straight into the starting eleven.

Unless there is a high quality printing press in the back of Ibrox somewhere churning out £50s I think he’s going to have a major problem getting those footballers.

In the past two years he has spent more money than all the other managers in Scotland combined except for those at Celtic Park. He has spent as much money as all his predecessors have in the eight years since Sevco was formed.

In the same conference, he railed against youth players at the club who he accuses of being “all ego” and of being disloyal.

It’s an astounding charge from him, a guy whose own ego is monstrous and who has never given youth players the slightest chance at the club in two years.

Why should any of them commit to new deals whilst he’s there?

The arrogance of this guy is unbelievable, and Sevco would be mugs to give him what meagre resources they have left.

He has bought over 20 players in two campaigns, and none but a handful can even get into the team on a regular basis.

For this joker to want more … well, it shows what “improvements” he’s really made. Gerrard is nothing but another chequebook manager … if Bristol Rovers move on from their crazy attempt to entice him south they will have had a close escape.

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