The Barkas Deal Is Done. Welcome To Celtic Big Guy. Make Yourself A Legend.

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Vasilios Barkas has officially signed for Celtic, and that is great news for all of us.

For the player it is an opportunity he would not have gotten anywhere else; the chance to instantly write his name into an historic story.

The means to make himself an immediate legend.

Barkas arrives for a sum which is around £5 million; it’s a lot of money to pay for a keeper, the most we’ve ever paid for one. It is not the sexiest position on the pitch, and this one some underestimate the value of a top goalie.

But they are crucial and this guy will bring with him Champions League and international experience, both of which we’re needing.

A good keeper settles a defence; it’s as simple as that.

He commands the penalty box and organises those in front of him, and they play with more security knowing that he’s there. Forster inspired that kind of confidence and it was important that if he wasn’t set to return that we brought someone in with that sort of gravitas. We’ve nailed it.

Lawwell took time to get this over the line, and we had a wee poke at him over that earlier in the week. Yet the job is done and the player’s signing is secured. He’s here for the ten, and will go into immediate contention for this weekend’s game.

He may not play. He’s just joined and he’s not yet familiar with the players he’s have in front of him, but in the fullness of time we’ll see this guy in goal as our number 1.

That’s what he’s been signed for after all, and for big bucks.

Go on big fella and prove you are worth.

More than that, make yourself a legend. It’s all there for you right now.

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