The French Tour Showed Where Celtic Need Reinforcements And The Clock Is Ticking.

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The French tour will end in Paris. The home team is playing well at the moment, so well in fact that their Brazilian superstar is telling us already how confident he is.

Well, he’s got the record against us alright.

Much as I can’t stand the little sod, I can’t deny his talent.

He worries me. More to the point, the defence worries me.

On its day, I like our defence.

When our players turn up, and they are focussed, we can keep out decent sides and decent players. Lazio proved that for us.

They have top players in their forward line, but we limited them and beat them twice.

But I watched us in those two games and I understood that we’re one injury at the back away from a real problem.

On top of that, Scott Bain can’t be our long term answer in goal, and right now he’s our only answer.

I can’t imagine people aren’t aware of this.

I assume things are happening behind the scenes.

Yet we face the old familiar set of pressures. Just because the window is open until the end of October it doesn’t mean that Celtic can, or should, wait that long before we act. Certain things need to be done quickly. Certain tasks will not wait. We cannot afford to tempt fate here, not this season, not whilst we’re chasing the ten.

Lennon talks as if certain negotiations are advanced.

He also suggests that we’ve been badly let down by at least one of our targets – Fraser Forster. His obvious impatience over that suggests that we’re moving on. I hope we’re moving swiftly on, and not keeping the door open for the big man. He should understand that himself.

The stakes are just too high.

If something happens to Bain, or something happens to Jullien or Ajer, we’re going to playing some massive matches badly behind the curve. We need to move quickly. If the scouting department has done its job over the last six months we should have lists of footballers for every position where we might require reinforcements.

This team does not need any drastic surgery done on it.

This is not like this time last year when we were six or seven short, in various positions, due to Rodgers’ typical neglect of all but the forward line slots. We require a keeper, a couple of centre backs and probably someone to give Forrest some much needed competition wide right.

Three key positions.

Last season we needed a defender, a keeper, players for both left and right back, players on both wings and another striker.

Over the course of the campaign we filled nearly every one of them.

This close-season is going to be a lot easier, but that also means the club will be judged more harshly if it doesn’t come off.

We need to get motoring.

The season kicks off in a few short weeks. We had better be ready for it.

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