The Press Is Teeing Up A Peter Lawwell Conspiracy Theory Straight From Follow Follow.

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Tonight Peter Lawwell was re-appointed to the SPFL board, just in time for the Hearts case to get started at SFA arbitration.

I wrote about that earlier.

The SFA is not an organisation any of us has faith in or can trust. Not that we trust the SPFL much either.

But our distrust of those organisations is something to behold then just imagine what things look like from Ibrox.

They have a whole host of theories – crazy theories – about the Celtic CEO being put back on that board. I’m going to tell you what the most absurd of them is, and the issue here isn’t that the Sevco fans believe this. It’s that some of the press do.

This is how it goes;

The global health crisis is on the wane.

This is why our games are re-starting.

But at some point, this thing might sweep over us again and send us all back to square one.

A new lockdown. Restrictions which are perhaps even harsher than before.

A total shutdown of football.

And a decision that has to be made by the SPFL board and the clubs.

At that point, the board has a decision to make.

Does it recommend that the season end early or not?

According to the theory, that will depend on where Celtic are in the table.

If we’re top, the season ends and ten in a row is secure.

If we’re not, the season will go on as long as it has to, no matter what the cost, no matter the risk to the public health.

This is the theory, and it was first espoused in the press by Keith Jackson, when he said that clubs were ready to reject a bid by the Executive to put any decision to end the season in their own hands, rather than putting it back to a vote of the leagues.

Jackson said some of them were concerned that Lawwell might only act in his own interests and not those of the game.

This one is being teed up just in case.

There are some in the media and elsewhere who believe a precedent has been set from these unprecedented circumstances, and they will use that against us if the opportunity presents itself. They believe Celtic is so desperate to wrap up the ten that we’ll stop at nothing.

They really do believe that Celtic is corrupt and would act in a corrupt manner.

Our nine in a row has unhinged some of them, and they are ready to assume the worst.

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