The Record’s Ryan Christie Transfer Piece Is Lazy Journalism At Its Stinking Worst.

Image for The Record’s Ryan Christie Transfer Piece Is Lazy Journalism At Its Stinking Worst.

This afternoon, The Record is taking a punt on a little speculation.

This time it’s about Ryan Christie, and this is lazy journalism as its very worst.

Remember the days when national newspapers used to go after stories in an effort to put the word “exclusive” up in big letters?

They don’t do that anymore, do they?

Now they chase rumours and tittle-tattle from the blogs and shamelessly steal from one another.

Slip in a link and you’re covered. Except that it is no longer journalism, it’s trawling for hits.

That’s what The Record has done today in nicking an interview from The Evening Times and slapping a headline on it which is for no other purpose than driving traffic.

The subject is Ryan Christie, and although The Record has not technically made anything the headline is fundamentally dishonest in what it is attempting to push.

Charlie Christie, Ryan’s dad, spoke to The Times and, quite possibly under an armful of loaded questions, said that his son is ambitious.

He also said that Ryan (and several other players in our squad) are good enough to play in England, and that of course there will be attention from scouts.

Oh yes, he also pointed out that Ryan is very happy at Celtic.

We know, indeed, that the club is considering giving him a new deal at the present time too. Having just cracked the first team and established himself as a regular, Ryan has a long time to go at Celtic, and whilst interest is to be expected it’s not being encouraged.

It’s a non-story. Ryan will be watched by other sides, and there might even be bids, but Celtic controls this process and nothing will happen which our club does not want to. Ryan is not hankering for a move and if the day ever comes when he is we’ll deal with it.

It’s a typical slow news day story, an interview mined for the one controversial assertion in it and which others papers fall on like hungry vultures.

Once these guys competed with another for the big tales.

Now they share scraps like this.

Pitiful stuff.

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