This Week, Lennon Was Actively Trolling Sevco Over The Fixture List. How Glorious It Was.

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I had to laugh at the start of the week when Neil Lennon congratulated the SPFL on the fixture list.

When have you ever known that to happen?

When have you ever seen it done, where a manager actually told them they’d got that spot on?

It was a fine piece of trolling by the manager, and made all the better by Sevco’s inability to respond.

Gerrard thought he was being so smart when he stated that “we will just get on with it” and “play the games whenever”.

It was easy to do that when Lennon was in the papers asking for the first Sevco game to be played as late as possible, and when much of the media was leaning in the other direction.

I knew it had the potential to backfire on the Sevco boss and it did.

Gerrard now has to keep his trap shut and “get on with it.”

That’s why Lennon’s comments were so beautifully timed.

Who says the Ibrox club always wins the PR war?

You realise, at times like this, how smart and savvy Lennon actually is. You also realise than in Gerrard we’re not dealing with one of the Quiz Kids here. He might not be as dumb as the proverbial box of rocks, but there’s no chance of him winding up on Mastermind.

He was thoroughly outplayed on this one.

In terms of those who over-reacted to this news, McCoist was a particular delight.

Once the darling of the media, some of them must now see him as an embarrassment with his penchant for conspiracy theories and his never-ending stream of crap stories, many of which reveal Scottish football and the club he spent much of his career at, to be a tedious little place.

Sutton dealt with him quite brilliantly; he, too, can troll very well when he wants to.

Lennon comes off looking like the winner here though. To all appearances he got what he wanted, wrong footed Gerrard along the way and gave the conspiracy nuts something else to moan about. Then he thanked the SPLF for it, like putting icing on the cake.

Sevconia must be hating this summer so far.

It has already delivered so many disappointments, and offered up so many signs to their oracles that the game is now firmly in fenian hands.

No wonder they are edgy.

No wonder some of them are coming unglued.

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