Date: 12th August 2020 at 4:14pm
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Adrian Durham flapping his trap and dribbling all over himself is not news.

He’s on the radio every single day and he does it every day.

Over the years he’s made it clear that if he’s not trolling he’s a halfwit with a giant ego but only a handful of brain-cells to back it up.

The day Adrian Durham talks sensibly about something will be a real news story.

Dog bites man is not, and this scabby mutt snaps at everything that goes past.

Adrian Durham hates Scottish football. Based on his constant stream of bile, he hates almost everything but Scottish football has been on his talking shit-list for as long as I can remember. He has a special dislike of Celtic having, at some point, crawled up the posterior of Ibrox. Amongst the many proofs of his complete lack of a clue was that he once tipped Mark Warburton a future manager of England whilst the hapless joker was at Sevco.

You’d think a guy who slates our game on such a consistent basis, a guy who has never bothered with fact or logic or even engaged with realism that much, would be a bête noire for anyone whose job it was to present Scottish football in a serious and positive light … but you’d be wrong.

Because today Durham’s latest incontinence is smeared all over our media.

What could possibly have made our press embrace the views of someone like this? Someone with the credibility of a Trump supporter about to take the stage to lecture on feminism and race relations? It’s surely obvious; he was attacking Celtic.

Which gets you in the papers every time, no matter how thick you are, no matter how embarrassing your remarks, no matter how little truth there is in your argument. Hell, you don’t even need to understand the subject you’re ranting about … Kris Boyd gave a masterclass in that last night on Sky Sports News Scotland, and I could feel my toes curl watching it.

Durham’s comments are absurd garbage which nobody should be taking remotely seriously.

He wants Hamilton and St Mirren awarded points for the games against Celtic and Aberdeen which are now postponed, but wants our two clubs deducted points for the games against each other, an argument with no internal logic or consistency to it at all.

His solution to how Celtic could have avoided the Bolingoli thing is right out of Kafka; we should be taking the passports of our players to stop them going where they will, as if we’re some shambling dictatorship and they are dissidents who can’t be allowed to leave the country lest they decide to seek political asylum somewhere else.

Great idea. Why don’t we just build a barracks at Lennoxtown and make them live there under 24-hour guard and spotlights as well?

I mean, really? Our media is reporting these comments as if there’s anything rational or sensible about them?

That would be the point where you’d stop engaging with someone in a pub debate, so why is the media pretending this is serious?

The Evening Times describes Durham as an “outspoken pundit” when a more realistic definition would be “a preening idiot and chronic attention seeker with the wits of a worm.”

Granted that’s tough to get in a headline, but if you’re a mainstream journalist promoting the thoughts of someone who arrives at work in a clown-car then you are way past the point where the headline is the only thing wrong with the content you’re producing.

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