Date: 1st August 2020 at 6:02pm
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As Phil has pointed out, this is another red-letter day in La La Land.

As promised by Ashley last month, his site is offering the Sevco kit for sale.

He claimed this was an exclusive deal. Sevco has never issued any legal proceedings against that claim and it remains on social media for all to see.

Sevco claims they are free from him, and that their deal is with Castore.

Funny, because Ashley seems to have plenty of shirts for sale on the Sports Direct site, proving that once again the Ibrox club brazenly lied to its own supporters.

He has parked the tanks on the Ibrox lawn once again. 

They are offering the lot over there on their site, from the shirt to the staunchest socks around, all bearing the Castore brand name, as if Ashley and his people are openly mocking every word that has come out of Ibrox.

But believe this, nobody at Sports Direct is laughing here, not really.

Those in the media and elsewhere who thought that the statement last month was Ashley “trolling” the Ibrox fans or having a wee joke really were talking the worst rubbish; Ashley does not open himself and his company up to litigation for a laugh. Only complete idiots would have believed that.

Of course, much of our media, and the Sevco support, fall into that category.

Phil has been following this story all the way, and his contact inside the Ashley empire has told him that the Facebook and Twitter postings were warning shots fired at Ibrox over their own plans to sell the kit via outlets they own.

That the club and Castore have proceeded to do this shows you just how little they have learned from previous courtroom beatings.

Sevco fans never learn either; this site has warned them about that many, many times.

Don’t forget that all the parties were awaiting judgments in previous litigation. Sevco is apparently confident of winning those, which is why they’ve so blithely ignored the possibility that they might go the other way. But this is rank madness as is probably apparent to any sane person.

Rather than sit down with Ashley and make a deal, Sevco has apparently tried to circumvent him again.

We all know how this goes, we’ve seen it all before.

Court proceedings will be launched. Sevco will make some spurious legal claim.

The media will be encouraged to run another series of articles about how Ashley continues to behave unreasonably, although it’s the Ibrox club who will be accused of breaching commercial contracts time and time again. The Sevco fans will continue to listen to those voices within their own support who have led them down the garden path on this.

And money will continue to flow into Big Mikey’s deep pockets, whether they realise it or not.

It’s like I keep saying, you really can fool some of the Peepul all of the time.

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