Aston Villa Should Ask Newcastle What Celtic’s Stance On Eddie Is. We Told Them Just Last Week.

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Plenty of rumours today, all of them about one player; Odsonne Edouard.

The reports today link him with Aston Villa who are “preparing a move.”

They can prepare all they want, but if they really were I’d like to think the story wouldn’t be splattered all over the papers.

It gets tiresome, doesn’t it? Last week it was Newcastle, but if Villa really were trying to sign him I like to think they’d have paid closer attention to the news.

Newcastle asked what it would take to shift Eddie and for once the club gave the response we all hoped they would.

He’s not for sale. At any price. Newcastle realised that it would be a waste of time to keep pursuing the matter and dropped it.

Villa will presumably get the same answer, so where’s the story?

Do the hacks – as desperate as they are for a bad news story – think that we’ve changed our minds on this inside of a week? I think not. This is just clickbait garbage, with no bid actually received and probably no chance whatsoever of there being one.

We are not Sevco, desperately trying to hawk every asset we could fetch two bob for.

The Duffy deal and others continue to move at a glacial pace, as if we don’t have Champions League qualifiers coming up … we do this every year, gambling on qualification, and we’ll be going into the midweek game and all its attendant risks without the commanding centre half the manager has said he wants.

That’s on the board for not closing something before now.

But on Edouard they are unequivocal.

The word has gone out, but apparently not everyone has heard it yet.

Even so, it’s clear that Villa would be wasting their time on this one.

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