Celtic Has A Fortnight To Give Itself A Shake, And Start Taking This Enormous Season Seriously.

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You ever had an argument with your significant other that was so bad that you actually told them, “I love you, but do us both a favour and get the Hell out of my face for a few days. No calls, no texts, no messages … just leave me alone for a while”?

I feel like that today and whilst I do I’m going to file this piece and then log out for the evening.

I’ll feel better tomorrow, but that anger is there and that result has not dissipated it one bit.

I’ll be able to write about what that performance, in the second half, taught us about this team and I’ll be clear-headed enough to analyse the individuals involved.

But I’m glad for the international break because I don’t want to hear or see Neil Lennon for a while.

His team selection was shocking, his pre-match interview on Radio Scotland was a car-crash of epic proportions and he was saved from a searing examination at half time by Forrest’s goal and his decision to make a substitution.

Nobody ought to be thinking that Neil Lennon has been vindicated here; on the contrary.

His pre-match decisions were exposed and his Green Levein (thanks to @MacCrolla1 for that) system thoroughly debunked.

If he was hoping for a first half goal fest to prove him right all that limp display did was show him up as an egotist gambling with his own job and our quest to win ten in a row.

As with one of those arguments with a loved one, you hope that they help you towards getting over it by a show of contrition or even just an acknowledgement that they were wrong. We may get that tonight, or in days to come, but right now I really don’t want to hear anything at all from Lennon until the international break is over and the picture is clearer.

I don’t expect the squad to look the same when we play our next game.

If we’re still looking for a signing at central defence then Lawwell ought to be run out of Celtic Park and down London Road with a pitch-fork wielding mob after him … even he must know he can’t possibly mess about and fail to deliver that in the space of the fortnight in front of us.

I never look forward to international breaks. I hate them with a passion.

But I welcome this one as a chance for certain people inside Celtic Park to get their acts together big time, for a full and frank inquest into Wednesday night to take place and for the manager to have a wee think about his own role in all this and to start upping his own game in a big way.

Maybe when that fortnight has elapsed we’ll look upon half time today as a turning point, as the fork in the road where big decisions were made and the club righted itself again.

But for Forrest’s little moment of individual brilliance I’d have started writing an article calling for Neil Lennon’s dismissal.

I might never have published it, but I would have started it.

I am glad I didn’t have to … but I don’t want to see him or hear from him right now.

I’m logging this and signing off for the evening.

Tomorrow I’ll be in a happier place.

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