Celtic Will Sign Our Striker This Week And Take Some Of The Pressure Off Lawwell.

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As rumours continue to swirl about Shane Duffy, as The Rumour Guy wrote about earlier, other whispers suggest that the striker we seek will be signed this week.

There is a need for it, and before Wednesday night if that can be done.

Because yesterday we looked well short and it will do the players good to see some competition in the building.

The real reason we’ll sign a striker this week is to take the pressure off the CEO.

He is being questioned in almost every section of the support at the moment, for the slow way he and this club go about their business. We’ve dropped our first points of the season already, and whilst nobody is panicking the pressure will ratchet up if we drop anymore.

On top of that, the team is weaker than we finished last season, and going into crucial Champions League qualifiers.

The CEO knows that he will be the focus of the fans fury if deals aren’t tied up and we lose in Europe having not strengthened.

Lawwell is very good at covering himself.

That’s why I have no doubt that the tempo behind the scenes will have been stepped up, not only by yesterday’s result but by the proximity to European games.

Our fans are generally patient, but how long before supporters are asking how come a club across the city, which is skint, can do business whilst we fumble?

The question isn’t exactly fair, but that’s not the point.

Life isn’t always fair, and Lawwell is going to find as this season goes on that his life is less and less seen as he would want it but more as the rest of us do. I’ll write more about that tomorrow, except to say that a lot of people are having their legacies decided this season … but not him.

His is already decided.

Whatever his fan club might want to believe, he gambled with ten in a row two years back when he decided what Rodgers would and wouldn’t get, when he thought his judgement was better than that of the manager who had won two trebles.

He survived that only because Rodgers walked in the manner he did.

Celtic needs freshening up.

On the pitch will do for the moment, but when this season is over, come what may, the conversation about our long-term future should begin for real.

Lawwell is part of that conversation but shouldn’t be part of the plan.

In the meantime, I expect this week he’ll want to take some plaudits … that’s why we’ll be bringing in Ajeti and perhaps even Fletcher with him.

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