Celtic’s Bolingoli Decision Has Been Vindicated And We Might Even Get A Fee For Him.

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The halfwits were queuing up earlier this week to tell us how wrong the club had got it in Bolingoli.

Kris Commons was leading the charge, with the “suggestion” that he would have sacked him if he’d been “in Lennon’s shoes.”

It didn’t take a genius to see the downside.

What, I wonder, do you have to be to see the upside in such a bizarre scenario?

Today, Celtic’s decision is vindicated by the news that other clubs are interested in the player.

Why wouldn’t they be? I found the comments by the Middlesbrough manager to be somewhat stupid when, the other day, he confirmed that he’d approached Celtic about loaning the player in this window but was now glad that he hadn’t.

Why not though? The player behaved like a clown, but they rated him then and if that’s changed then I don’t know why as this hasn’t affected his football ability.

It seems to me like an arbitrary and stupid reason to withdraw interest in a player.

But other clubs were always going to be interested, and sniffing around. So it has proved. It’s taken us less than a week to find a party willing to take him off our hands with an option to buy. Remember, I never thought Bolingoli a bad player, and I was hopeful that this long season would prove that to his many detractors up here … so I knew we’d get interest.

That interest means that we might not even take a major loss on this guy.

Celtic is way smarter than some of the idiots who reckon they should be offering us advice.

They can keep it.

I know who I trust to do the right thing by us here; only those within the walls.

Transfer listing Bolingoli was the way to go … no expensive tearing up of the contract, no challenge in a tribunal later on, just bunk him with the reserves and bide our time.


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