Date: 27th August 2020 at 1:36pm
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David Turnbull signed for us today.

He arrives on a four year deal.

He is a outstanding talent and will play a big role in this campaign and campaigns to come.

He will prove to be an excellent acquisition.

I am sure it will be an absolute pleasure to watch him in a Celtic shirt.

I am glad he’s signed, I am glad that we’ve captured an excellent young Scottish footballer, and he’ll get every bit of encouragement and support from all of us, I’m sure.

And that’s all I’m writing about it except to say this;

We’ve proved, again, that we can get things done quickly, when the intent is to rid ourselves of negative headlines.

It’s a pity we don’t do our business in a fashion that might prevent those headlines in the first place.

There will be inevitable questions now about who he’s going to replace … the manager himself has guaranteed that with his comments last night.

The window has a long way to go, and we’ll see if the squad and the club is stronger for this deal when it closes.

I intend to refrain from further comment in relation to that matter until then.

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