Duffy Didn’t Just “Slap Down His Clueless Mate”. He Slapped Down Our Clueless Media Too.

Image for Duffy Didn’t Just “Slap Down His Clueless Mate”. He Slapped Down Our Clueless Media Too.

The Daily Record has posted an article tonight saying that Shane Duffy has slapped down his “clueless” pal who predicted that he was going to sign for West Ham.

I read that story earlier.

One media outlet featured it, otherwise not a single Celtic fan would have known about it.

The outlet which featured it? The Daily Record.

So I’d say that Duffy was slapping them down as well. When your source for a major splash is a social media post from a footballer’s pal then I’d suggest it’s journalism that is clueless and not so much anything else. Duffy has embarrassed the paper tonight.

The Record just loves an anti-Celtic story.

Duffy may or may not wind up at Celtic Park, but it won’t be through want of trying.

It will be because we can’t agree with Brighton on the £2 million loan fee.

Duffy himself is keen on the move to Celtic Park.

This whole thing is redolent of the stories about Ajeti earlier in the window, where the press here claimed he just didn’t fancy the move to Celtic Park.

Odd then that he signed a four-year deal just last week.

Duffy’s response tonight was a slap at his stupid pal, but it was also a slap at a media that slavers over everything, no matter how tenuous.

The Record particularly loves a story with an anti-Celtic bent; they don’t even bother to do their basic research on most of them.

I love seeing our media look ridiculous.

If Duffy signs for our club I’m going to remember today, and the unseemly haste with which that paper got that story up earlier, without waiting to see what the player’s view of it was.

They are a joke, and tonight the joke is on them.

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