Duffy Probably Isn’t Heading For Glasgow Just Yet … But Things Are Moving Quickly.

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Shane Duffy has been all cryptic today, and with his mate having hinted that his destination was West Ham his brother is in on the act suggesting that it will be Celtic.

The picture he posted of him looking out the window of a plane has been studied like the Zapruder Film but it tells us nothing.

Where was he headed? Well, probably not to Glasgow.

For openers, we’d know by now if Duffy had touched down in this city.

For seconds, some have suggested that he wasn’t alone on the flight … their entire squad has a training camp up here – in Dundee of all places – and that he was headed there.

All this social media teasing is tiresome … it’s not in anybody’s interests for it to keep on running.

The clubs want a solution, the player wants a solution and it looks as if one is imminent.

We’ll know soon enough, and that’s good as this saga is starting to wear on a lot of people’s nerves.

Nevertheless, this is “keep calm” time, and I have a cheek to talk as I’m as antsy as anybody to see this one done … but I’m assured that things are happening behind the scenes.

This deal is still more likely than not, with both Celtic and the player both keen on the move although there are one or two details still being ironed out.

In spite of that, Celtic has already started sounding out other options in case we need them.

On balance, it still looks very like he’s going to end up at Celtic Park … although it does look as if Turnbull is going to beat him to the unveiling.

Our transfer activity is finally starting to ramp up.

We brought in Ajeti last week and he made an instant impact.

This week it’ll be Turnbull.

Will we have to wait until next week for Duffy?

Possibly … but with European deadlines coming hot on the heels of each other, you’d hope for us beating the next one anyway.

The Rumour Guy is a Celtic fan and blogger from Glasgow who hates to be kept waiting on signings.

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