Edouard Didn’t Make McAvennie Look Like An Idiot. McAvennie Did That All By Himself.

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Yesterday French Eddie was as good as I’ve ever seen him in a Celtic shirt, and just in time to avoid another barrage of bollocks from its latest purveyor, Frank McAvennie.

The idea that such a person should be taken seriously as an analyst or a pundit is frankly ludicrous, and he has already proved it.

But I guess we best get used to his inane droning, because he’s had a taste of being back in the spotlight and I suspect he wants to stay there.

Edouard didn’t score during pre-season, and McAvennie seemed to think his performance in the final friendly was particularly poor.

He pondered whether or not the player was actually interested, and of course from there his handful of brain-cells were able to extrapolate a theory; this would be one of his last games in a Celtic shirt because he wanted away.

Such a clownish observation. Deserving of contempt and ridicule.

Yesterday, after the hat-trick which blasted us top of the league, Edouard openly mocked McAvennie’s stupid remarks with a tweet.

“Edouard has made McAvennie look like an idiot,” some on my Facebook page wrote, and whilst I laughed along with the sentiment I did not agree with it at all.

No, McAvennie made himself look stupid. Edouard has been the most clinical footballer in this country for two years and is a consummate professional. There was no doubt whatsoever that McAvennie was going to come to regret those daft words. It was a matter of time.

Edouard wasn’t terrible in the friendly match in question, he just wasn’t going to give everything in pursuit of nothing. We are not a certain other Glasgow club who believe that winning a meaningless pre-season piece of tin equates to something real.

I was not even slightly surprised that yesterday when there was real business to be done that Eddie and the rest showed up for it.

McAvennie must have felt like a complete muppet watching it. I doubt it will matter.

He will be off and running when the next bandwagon comes along, trying to leap aboard, not caring who’s driving or its capacity to make him look daft.

Eddie, in the meantime, will carry on as per … scoring goals for Celtic.

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