European Embarrassment For The Scottish Media As Loudmouth’s Swedish Team Go Out.

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There’s nothing the Scottish press does better prior to our European games than talking up the opposition.

In this case they didn’t even wait for that to be confirmed, as The Record, over three consecutive days, promoted the views of people inside Swedish club Djurgarden, who were one of the two clubs we could have faced in the Second Round of the Champions League.

First they went with the club chairman, who snarked at UEFA about the home tie given to Celtic.

It’s a conspiracy theory, but the Scottish media has never had a problem promoting those before and they weren’t going to stop here.

They then spent two further days gleefully reporting that one of their players, talisman dward Tiger Chilufya, predicted, boldly, that they would “maul us”.


It’s funny, because I don’t remember ever reading this kind of thing prior to a Sevco game.

Well, tonight the papers here aren’t the only ones who look ridiculous as the presumption behind that particular piece of self-promotion ended in ignominy and disaster for the Swedes as Ferencvaros of Hungary knocked them out in a 2-0 home win.

I love it when stuff like this happens, and our press gets made to look utterly ridiculous. They do this with Sevco all the time, promoting the big talk of players who are going to turn our lights out and win everything only for the inevitable humiliation.

But this is the first time I remember them doing it before we were even confirmed to play a team, and that somehow makes it even more hilarious.

As to the player himself, I’m sure his manager was thrilled to read his comments, exposing the arrogance of the whole club in simply assuming they’d be coming to Celtic Park.

The Hungarians, on the other hand, have said nothing and focussed on the job.

Which tonight they got done.

Do not underestimate this mob. They have acted like professionals here and will bring that attitude with them next week.

The Scottish media could learn a thing or two from them.

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