Date: 16th August 2020 at 6:49pm
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And the great run continues.

Gerrard has had two and a bit seasons as Sevco boss and has still yet to put together a winning run of games spanning more than five matches.

There is no sign that he is going to crack the code anytime soon.

On a dreary afternoon at one of the worst grounds in the country, his crack team of superstars has, again, dropped points when it mattered.

Do not let anyone tell you that they weren’t taking anything for granted.

How many headlines did you see in the past week about how we were going to be eleven points behind before we kicked a ball in the SPL again?

It was an article of faith.

They believed in it the way Christian fundamentalists in the USA believe Trump is a gift from God.

That was almost pleasant viewing today although the football on offer had all the allure of a rainy Monday morning.

Man, that was dreadful to watch with Sevco huffing and puffing like we did at Killie the other week.

Where is this great team I’ve been hearing all this stuff about?

Last weekend, with 15 minutes to go, they were in front against St Mirren via an own goal.

Do not believe the hype. I never did. As long as we do our own job this campaign takes care of itself. This whole week all I’ve heard is “woe is we” and how much trouble we were in … a single signing and the whispers of more to come was all I needed to hear.

It doesn’t matter that Gerrard has, on paper, better stuff at his disposal than last year. Lennon soon will too, and difference is that Gerrard continues to be a dreadful manager, incapable of changing a game, incapable of putting together a sustained run of form.

Their best hope of winning the title was to sack him at the start of this campaign and let someone else have a go with this team of his.

I continue to be baffled at the media, and the Sevco fan’s, love affair with Hagi. When you’re taken off and replaced by Brandon Barker, and the team’s performance notably improves (although not by much) then I suspect the £20 million bids aren’t coming for you any time soon.

Morelos continues to look like someone who wants to be somewhere else.

Anywhere else, really.

Lille won’t be coming back in for him so he had better hope that there’s real interest from somebody soon or he’s going to be stuck wandering around Scottish grounds like a tourist for the remainder of this campaign, an outcome the Ibrox club simply can’t afford.

There were no Sevco fans at the game, of course, so we were spared the sectarian singing and the raw hatred pouring out of the stands, but we were also deprived of the sounds of frustration, of booing at full time, of players being screamed at and called every name.

There’s plenty enough of it on their forums though.

They are four matches into the new campaign and already the doubts are running rampant.

Their fans are not entirely stupid – just stupid enough to spend fortunes on season tickets, MyGers scams and all the rest of it … but they know when they watch Gerrard that this man is already floundering.

Fear and loathing are stalking the halls already.

This is a much nicer start to the week than we got to the last one.

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