Gutless McInnes Flops Again In An Opening Day Farce Against Sevco At Pittodrie.

Image for Gutless McInnes Flops Again In An Opening Day Farce Against Sevco At Pittodrie.

Well that was awful.

It was the kind of public park football that could get the game stopped completely.

McInnes continues to baffle. Not him so much as those who continue to insist he’s a good manager.

For much of the game his team sat back, at home, on the opening day.

His supporters – of whom there must be fewer and fewer with every passing year of failure – will claim he had no firepower.

The simple truth is the guy doesn’t have guts. His continued employment at Pittodrie is why they continue to batter their heads against a glass ceiling.

The opening game of the SPFL campaign had one goal in it. From the only side who had an actual shot on target.

To call Aberdeen toothless is to over-praise them.

They were dire.

So too, by the way, were Sevco, who’s golden boy Hagi looked exactly like a player who flopped in Belgium and the Italian Reserve league and Morelos stomping about in the huff looking more overweight and out of shape than Leigh Griffiths, who has had acres of criticism.

It was a dire refereeing display, with every tackle on a Sevco player penalised with a free kick.

There were yellow cards and one red, for a foul where I thought Considine won the ball.

That aside, Aberdeen didn’t show enough application to get anything from the match.

So what did we learn today that aids in our quest for ten in a row?

Nothing at all.

Aberdeen, under McInnes, have settled into to his comfort zone of being third and seeking nothing more than that, as if turning a well-resourced club into the third best in the nation represented a great accomplishment. Before Sevco were allowed to establish themselves in second, he had the chance to cement that position for his club … but he himself declared that they would probably have to settle for third place and, of course, when that message is sent everyone at the club falls into line.

Sevco are not a great team.

Indeed, they looked like what a said they were last season; glorified long ball merchants who only look good if a side stands off them and allows them to play.

Their goal came from a big punt up the park which Kent got on the end of.

The other thing to take from the game today was that the commentary was awful almost beyond words.

McCoist might be bearable – only just – as a backroom pundit sitting in the studio and giving his inane thoughts at half time but having to listen to him for 90 minutes is a deadening experience, akin to sitting too near a broken machine and having to listen to it whirr and clunk and rattle.

This will be a long season if it’s to be spent like that.

There are games which have been great adverts for Scottish football.

That, today, was a great advert for watching paint dry.

More than once during that game I was thinking “Somewhere there are two flies crawling up and down a window pane … and I’m here watching this.”

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