Date: 11th August 2020 at 6:19pm
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Wow. Did you guys just see that?

Sky Sports wheeled out Kris Boyd to give his “expert opinion” on the latest day of Scottish football crisis. Jesus wept.

That was every bit as bad as watching Donald Trump trying to get through a speech. At times rambling, at times incoherent, even The Daily Record’s transcript reads like a car-crash. In a day of deep embarrassment for the game here, they just made it worse.

Deep within that shambling ruin was the implication that the SPFL and the SFA should be taking some kind of disciplinary action against Celtic and Aberdeen.

I’m just curious as to where the “” in that would be, and why he wasn’t equally furious over Sevco’s even more egregious breach in the friendly against Dundee Utd?

Individual players have broken procedures. Are we to hold that against the clubs? I am betting that before this campaign is out, with the first players from Ibrox to be on the wrong end of this, that Boyd will be singing an entirely different song.

He didn’t suggest what a fitting punishment would be, but I imagine the notion of points deductions was rattling about amongst his handful of brain cells.

These Peepul are so obvious, and so is Sky Sports Scotland’s agenda here.

What did they think? That Celtic and Aberdeen, as clubs, would get a sympathetic hearing from this goon?

I could have told you what Boyd was going to say before they even gave him the microphone but I would have been far more eloquent and capable of stringing sentences together.

Honestly, that was cringeworthy stuff.

I felt my toes curl watching that.

What value did that bring to the debate, except add another level of hysteria to it and let this yahoo do what he’s been doing all summer long, questioning the competence of the people who run the game, although they weren’t in any way involved in this and have taken broadly good decisions?

Sky Sport Scotland should have learned a lesson from the last time Boyd was loosed on this subject when he embarrassed them and himself with his memorable line about how “nobody wants to be going and watching their team behind closed doors.”

On top of that, this eejit was the same person who said that since people were on beaches that crowds should be back inside stadiums in large numbers, so for him to pretend to have the slightest interest in the public good or the slightest knowledge of public health is laughable at best.

I cannot stand Sky Sports Scotland’s coverage of the game here, because they have too many yokels like this in their employ, spouting ignorance, pursuing agendas and through their backsides.

The idea that these people offer a proper representation of our sport is offensive.

Michael Stewart is at a loose end right now, and this is what they go for?

God damn. It’s shocking, it really is.

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