Levein’s Boast About Knocking Back Our Bids For Hickey Sounds Exceptionally Stupid Right Now.

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You have to hand it to Craig Levein. At a time when some of us are looking at his club in astonishment at how poorly run it is, he goes and gives us another blinding example of it.

Sitting in front of the media the other day he talked about Aaron Hickey, who will almost certainly be leaving Tynecastle in the next few weeks for what will probably be a nominal sum.

Hearts cannot hold out for the big bucks any more than Sevco can with Morelos.

Their need for cash in hand is simply too great, and the cuts have already started to bite.

Relegation is devastating for Hearts, and the thing is, it was looking pretty near certain even as far back as the January window. Levein’s boast about turning down bids from Hickey, from Celtic Park, presumably relate to last season.

Some would have been during the summer, but some would definitely have come in the winter after Bolingoli had been dropped.

I’m certain our offers back then were for far more than Hearts are going to get for the player now.

Their relegation has been formalised.

The health crisis is starting to bite.

The player is out of contract next summer.

His value has crashed and burned.

To sit there in front of the press yesterday and sneer at Celtic for failing to wrench him out of their hands was petty and stupid, but it makes Levein look far worse than we do.

It’s yet another shining example of his strategic incompetence, shown up for the world to see.

Surely it would have been better for him and his club to come to some agreement with Celtic for this summer, one that would have given them a nice sum and some insurance?

They didn’t do that … and that’s fair enough, but to brag about it?

Levein saw a chance to have a pop at our club and he couldn’t help it.

This is the measure of the man. A rank amateur who, along with his chairwoman, has brought Hearts to the brink of another administration, sitting in front of the press, boasting about how he turned down our money.

The geniuses at CERN are not missing out on not having this guy around.

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