Date: 10th August 2020 at 11:11am
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There are few stupider people in the media than Kris Boyd.

The only people I can think of who might be above him on that scale are those who continue to pay him a salary for his work in that arena.

If they think he’s worth it, that he contributes something, then more fool them.

Boyd is a bitter little man. Everyone knows this to be true.

Shamelessly biased, he never even tries to hide it and he never has.

If he is an “expert” on anything I have yet to find out what it is.

Listening to him give his is little different than listening to any loudmouth in the pub, holding court and espousing “” as pig-ignorant as anything you’d hear from Tommy Robinson or Nigel Farage. His is a pro-Ibrox voice, and a typically shrill one.

Boyd has been sounding off about “sporting ” again. He has returned to this subject more than a few times over the last couple of years, and he’s not alone in doing so.

Every clown out there of a Sevconia persuasion throws it into a debate any time they see an opportunity. It has become as tiresome a phrase as “ news”, which is just another way now of saying “anything the viewer doesn’t like or want to hear.”

His argument this time – hoovered from the floors of the nuttier Sevco fan forums – is that as the St Johnstone game was postponed Aberdeen’s two coming fixtures should be as well.

What’s his concern here? Health and safety? No, he’s concerned that playing the games confers too much of an advantage on , and he’s hinting that our match is going ahead as part of some wide-ranging conspiracy. You just knew he and others would froth over this.

Boyd couldn’t spell “sporting integrity.”

He tosses out the phrase without giving the first thought as to what it means.

If he thought about it for two seconds he’d want nothing to do with it, because that subject gets anyone from Sevconia into whenever it is brought up.

Listening to Boyd talk about this is like stumbling over footage of Harold Shipman lecturing on patient care.

There’s something not quite real about, you hear it and think “you’ve got some cheek mate.”

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