Neil Lennon And The Hibs Chairman Are Victims Of A Media Manufactured Controversy.

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I was surprised, last night, when I read Lennon’s condemnation of the Hibs chairman for suggesting that Celtic and Aberdeen should be docked points for the behaviour of their players in relation to the health crisis.

I was surprised because, in fact, Lennon was responding to remarks that the guy didn’t even make. I can only assume that he was baited.

Our media really is a disgrace.

They have succeeded, here, in creating their own story.

It’s as simple as that.

I did an article this weekend condemning the way the hacks were very clearly trying to create a fight between Easter Road and Celtic Park.

They twisted the Hibs chairman’s words.

He was quite clear when he spoke about the possibility of sanctions for protocol breaches. He was quite clear that he would support points deductions for clubs in the most serious cases when regulations to that effect were put in place.

He did not say that he would support them in the cases of Celtic and Aberdeen.

Certain sections of our press spun that the way they wanted it, and then yesterday, quite shamelessly, Neil Lennon was asked a loaded question which strongly implied that the Ron Gordon had, in fact, suggested that a points deduction was in order for our club and he gave the answer you would expect without being aware of the full quote and its context.

And so today you have headlines wherein our manager is publicly lashing the chairman of another SPL club for comments that chairman didn’t even make.

Some of the hacks – such as the idiot David Tanner – are already slagging Lennon for this, but all he did was react to the question he was asked, within the context in which the questioner framed it. This was controversy manufactured by the media itself, wherein they misrepresented Gordon and fed their own confected version of his words to our manager.

Celtic, and Lennon in particular, should be taking them to task over that.

It is quite shocking the way they have behaved here, entirely without shame.

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