One Up Front And No Griffiths After All. Another Celtic Team Sheet Has Leaked Early.

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So the team which was “announced” on social media earlier on turned out to be the correct one; no Griffiths in the squad at all and Barkas on the bench.

We’ll go over the rights and wrongs of the Griffiths decision if and when the manager clarifies it, and he’ll be asked that question and they’ll keep asking it.

We’ll also discuss the potential ramifications of it in due course. It’s clearly a big issue.

But let’s deal with the issue itself; the team sheet has been leaked again, and that’s a serious problem.

That a Celtic site was able to publish the news about the keeper and about Griffiths well in advance is pretty shocking to me. Someone at Celtic Park thinks his or her looking important to their mates is more important than this team in the ten-in-a-row quest.

That is simply not on. That person has to be found. We can’t have team-sheets leaking with four or more hours to go before a game. The manager has to be able to lay out his plans to the squad in a way that can surprise the opposition. Frankly, whoever thinks it is a cool idea to leak this stuff ought to think again. Once in the mainstream it’s a certainty that it will be published, which is exactly what has happened in this case. It is shocking.

The line-up is pretty much what you expect when the manager is going with one up front; the midfield trio of McGregor, Brown and Christie is the only thing you might have debated, as in whether or not it was better to start Ntcham instead of Ryan, but I’d go with the manager’s decisions on this one, as with the rest of the team. Taylor makes it at left back.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with that line-up and the team.

The bench is noticeably strong.

If needed we can really shake things up with that squad.

This should be a good afternoon.

See you on the other side.

Starting XI: Bain, Jullien, Taylor, Brown, Christie, Edouard, Elyounoussi, Frimpong, Ajer, McGregor, Forrest

 Substitutes: Barkas, Bitton, Klimala, Soro, Rogic, Ntcham, Bolingoli, Elhamed, Dembele

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