Sevco Has Ruined Morelos’ Focus, Signed His Replacements And Still Can’t Get Rid Of Him.

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Earlier this week, as everyone knows, Sevco went out and spent money they didn’t have.

It’s money they believe they’re going to get, but that depends on a very big “If” and as such the gamble is even greater than it looked before.

Last night, they went out of Europe with a whimper against a vastly superior Leverkusen team who could have scored more and would have had they felt there was anything at stake. Deep into the second half, with nothing more to play for, Morelos was hooked and he walked off the pitch and by the manager without the two exchanging as much as a look.

There are two simultaneous stories here, and the first is about the intense loathing that now exists between these men.

There are a few factions in the dressing room, but one of the deadliest problems, running through that place like a fault-line, is that the manager has managed to completely alienate the club’s best player and most saleable asset.

The second story is about a player who was never as good as the hype surrounding him was, a player who started to believe that hype and is now consumed by it. It’s about a club which fell victim to the very same phenomenon. Sevco believes everything it’s pumped out to the press about Morelos, and the player is definitely convinced.

The trouble is, the only people who matter aren’t.

They are the managers and the chairmen who would have to sanction an eight figure transfer fee, and those who are watching know he isn’t worth it at all.

The PR machine cannot make Morelos a better footballer than he is, or any less prone to his mood swings or discipline breakdowns. When he was scoring goals there was a structural underpinning even for the craziest manufactured nonsense, but he hasn’t been scoring since January and that has had an impact which doesn’t need to be guessed at.

Even prior to this, I thought his game had limitations which would have been even more obvious to those whose job is to scout footballers. But add the baggage which is as much a part of his makeup as whatever abilities he has in the penalty box, and it would be the responsibility of those men to tell their chairman and managers that he is worth a punt at a modest fee but not anywhere near good enough to justify the more ridiculous demands.

Sevco now has a very serious problem on its hands.

Morelos has no interest in playing for the club and the club wants him out the door. Indeed, it needs him out the door after spending the money it expects on new players. Gerrard could not have made it more clear that he’s lost faith in the player and the player himself radiates contempt for him.

Clubs watching are now inclined to pay even less, with Gerrard having committed the enormous blunder of saying Morelos has “had his head turned” by the swirl of rumours. It is especially amusing to me that these rumours were largely the confection of the club itself, and put out there by media acolytes who have been given a colossal using.

Remember the hack who said he’d personally seen the phantom £30 million bid from China?

Ask him how he feels about that now, or better yet; if he’s still convinced that it was legit, why isn’t he asking the club how they feel about turning that down when right now they’d take half that sum without a second thought or a backwards glance.

They have gotten themselves into one hell of a mess here and it will only get worse if they can’t punt Morelos soon.

If they fail to sell him and then crash out of Europe … well, that’s Armageddon and not a stick will be left standing over there.

They did this to themselves.

That’s what makes it all the more fun to watch it from afar.

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