The has been open a few weeks now, and with three signings already in the door, and both of them for big bucks, Celtic’s squad building seems to be taking shape in a very nice way. But there are positions that still need to be filled including .

There is talk, of course, about Shane Duffy, and he appears keen on the move, but Brighton are alleged to be demanding a hefty loan fee – a reputed – to get the deal over the line, and I don’t believe Celtic should be paying anything like that.

Once again, it comes down to EPL money, and the clubs down there demanding – and sometimes getting – for their .

We’ve never paid a loan fee at that sort of level before and I don’t believe we’re going to start now, unless it comes alongside an option to at a relatively good price.

In those circumstances, maybe.

So either Brighton will reduce their , we’ll work something out or we’ll walk away.

That would present us with a dilemma … but might it be one who’s answer is a little closer to home?

In short, is this the year Celtic chooses to buy domestic?

And if we did, who would the likely candidates be?

Well, there are a few … most Scottish based players are well below the level we’d be looking at, but there are a handful who are just interesting enough to register on the radar.

We’re going to take a look at who those particular footballers are …