Tam McManus Seems Determined To Prove Himself As Kris Boyd’s Idiot Understudy.

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Tam McManus is the latest ex-footballer to think he can make himself a living as a pundit.

But like many in the game, he has no intention of offering a rational, fact-based or logical opinion on anything.

Instead, he’s taking the low road.

I can’t hold that against him; the low road has worked for some people.

But if your ambition is to be regarded as Kris Boyd’s idiot understudy then it’s setting the bar pretty low.

All the Celtic fans who saw that team last night were pretty shocked that we didn’t start the game with a striker. It was madness and it has cost the club millions and set Lennon back with a huge number of fans. It has far-reaching implications for all of us.

McManus had plenty he could have talked about.

But what he chose to do was focus on Patryk Klimala and predict that he would never play for the club again, and further suggested that he go in today and hand in a transfer request to that end.

If there is a more idiotic point made in the course of the next week, in relation to that game, I will be frankly astounded.

What Lennon did last night wasn’t a one-off, except in the position where he made the inexplicable decision.

Last season we were knocked out of the same competition because he played Callum McGregor at left back.

This is a problem Lennon has in that he too often tries to put square pegs in round holes.

I’m going to do a proper piece on why that decision last night was such a shocker, but suffice to say it was nothing to do with lack of faith in Klimala as has McManus has suggested.

Lennon has talked up Klimala.

Whatever else we might say about what happened last night, what we have to acknowledge is that Lennon himself believed he’d picked the right team for the right reasons; it was stupidity, not sabotage. It was not a lack of faith in the player but a misguided belief in his own tactical genius.

The decision to bring Ajeti on, after he’d scored the winner at the weekend, was one that not a single supporter would have questioned.

McManus isn’t really questioning it either.

He knows full well that Lennon got it badly wrong last night and that there are a million and one serious questions to be answered here, but they would involve work and a proper ability to analyse not only the game but the wider implications and that’s too much like hard work for somebody who knows he can fire with the blunderbuss instead and still get a cheap headline.

Just like a certain ex-striker does every week, only he works for a national title and gets his face on the telly.

McManus shouldn’t be drawing attention to the fact that he’s trying to swim along in such a pitiful individual’s slipstream.

Being a poor man’s Davie Provan is one thing … to be a second rate Kris Boyd is just bloody embarrassing.

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