Date: 11th August 2020 at 11:54am
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Steven Gerrard sat in front of the press today and expressed his “concern” for Scottish football after the way players at Celtic and Aberdeen have behaved.

He then talked about how responsibly his own club has acted throughout this crisis.

That he was allowed to get away with that shows, again, that our media is utterly spineless and will bend over backwards to paint Ibrox in the best possible light.

Their record during the course of this has been frankly appalling from the start.

They were the club who demanded that the season be played to a finish and insisted that it could only be done in front of full stands in an attempt to use this crisis to do off the pitch what they had failed to do on it. The club then spent months using this as a cover as they attempted to oust the entire upper echelon of the SPFL.

That club has tried to manipulate this crisis at every turn.

But even worse has followed in the past few weeks.

As I said the other day, whatever individual players have done pales next to the decision that Sevco itself took to play a friendly match whilst still awaiting test results for its players. The media has consistently downplayed this although it is of the utmost seriousness and an act of irresponsibility so far without parallel.

As you’ll have gathered this morning, I’m in no way seeking to make excuses for our own players or those from Aberdeen, but in those specific cases we had footballers going off the reservation in breach of the club’s own internal regulations.

What happened with Sevco’s game against Dundee Utd was that the club itself took the deliberate decision to play the match without valid test results … as this crisis continues, I bet we do not come up against any breach as serious as that at the club level without it resulting in the deduction of points and other severe sanctions by football associations.

Celtic had better get the house in order and get the message through to players as aggressively as possible so we have no further breaches like this … but nobody at Sevco, the only club to have wilfully breached those rules, gets to lecture us on it or pretend to have played it by the book.

That the media let him away with that today is deplorable.

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