The Record’s Celtic Strip Piece Only Serves To Highlight Their Spineless Sucking Up To Ibrox.

Image for The Record’s Celtic Strip Piece Only Serves To Highlight Their Spineless Sucking Up To Ibrox.

Yesterday I put up a lengthy article on how the Scottish media has let down the Sevco fans in their response to the Castore fiasco.

I suggested that this is part of a wider pattern where they refuse to write any negative story about that club even when to do so would stop the club from making huge mistakes and keep its fans from unrealistic expectations.

None of the press comes out of that article well, but some have a worse history than others and The Daily Record has one of the worst of all.

It was a Record hack, Keith Jackson, who wrote the most notorious Craig Whyte article, about the “Motherwell Born Billionaire.”

Theirs are the offices where “succulent lamb” was born.

They christened Caixinha the “Portuguese James Bond” because he once rode a jet-ski and never bothered to report that he did his job interview on Skype and never actually met King face to face at all until he was already in the gig.

I could go on … and on and on.

That paper is a disgrace, to be frank. Its writers allow themselves to be used to promote agendas and spread disinformation and they are encouraged to ignore genuine stories in the pursuit of “access” and thus become little more than PR arms of the Ibrox operation.

The Daily Record has uttered not one word of criticism about Castore and Sevco’s blatant scam against the Ibrox fan-base in spite of statements from fan groups, fury on the forums and an outpouring of anger over there that I haven’t seen in years.

Yet today, that rag of a newspaper is running a gleeful article on a mistake made in the production of a single Celtic strip. You could not make that up.

They think they are smart in choosing to take a cheap shot like this, but coupled with the dead silence over an evolving disaster, not to say a scandal, across the city involving replica shirts, it only further highlights their disgraceful editorial policy which is to never antagonise Ibrox no matter what.

It is gutless and an insult to journalism.

No wonder that paper is dying a slow death.

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