When Asked About Transfers Today, Neil Lennon Showed His Class And Respect For Other Clubs.

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Neil Lennon is a Good Guy.

One of the most maligned people in the history of the Scottish game at one time, Lennon has always been a class act in front of the media, even when they are snarking at him and trying to create trouble for him or his club. He handles them well.

Today the subject of the day was transfers. Lennon knew they were going to ask questions, about a host of speculations.

He made it plain he would not discuss any of it.

When pressed, he amplified his answer in a way that shows him up at his best.

“Look guys,” he said, “I’m not going to keep repeating myself. I’m not going to talk about players until they are in the building so again so there’s a rumour here, speculation there, players going, players coming in. I’m not prepared to comment on that or on any player who is affiliated with another club until they are sat next to me.”

It might not be the answer the media wanted.

Hell it might not be the answer the fans want; we all want to hear that Duffy is close to being signed and that he’ll be here by the end of the week.

We all want guarantees, reassurances.

But it is right we do things this way.

Lennon is a class act. He treats other clubs and players with respect. This is the way a responsible manager, at a top club, should behave.

Any contrast between him and another manager in the city of Glasgow is unintentional, but feel free to make one!

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