With His Latest Column, Kris Commons Is Becoming As Anti-Celtic As Nicholas, Provan And Walker.

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Kris Commons is attacking Celtic today.

There’s a surprise, right?

I’ll bet not one of you is sitting there thinking that’s particularly unusual.

Indeed, it would be a weird Monday morning if he hadn’t been using the weekend to take a shot at us somehow.

Commons has learned early what a lot of folk in the media do; that taking shots at Celtic generates headlines, more of them than criticising any other team.

In some ways I understand his pique at our club; he should have been part of the 100 Goals elite, missing out by a mere handful which he would almost certainly have gotten had Rodgers found a place for him in the squad.

But his own attitude both behind the scenes and in public eliminated that possibility.

He went from the cusp of being a club legend to being just another player after Rodgers was appointed and decided not to play him. That would hurt.

But there’s something of the jilted spouse about Commons and his criticisms, something about how over the top they are. There’s also something of the village idiot in them, in that he clearly doesn’t put much effort into thinking through his arguments.

Today is a case in point, as he turns on the Celtic defence over yesterday.

Now, I said in the piece I wrote after the game that Jullien was terrible and that at times he is too easily brushed off the ball by big physical strikers.

Had Commons made a similar point we might have been able to simply ignore his sniping as some form of commentary, but in fact he seemed to be fishing for headlines instead.

His comments are risible.

“If you were compiling a list of the best centre-backs to have played for Celtic over the past 20 years, the names of Jullien and Ajer wouldn’t even make it into the top 10,” he wrote before going on to name the players who would have finished in front of them.

Guess what?

He didn’t even get to ten. He got to eight.

And that number included Glen Loovens, Joos Valgaeren, Kelvin Wilson and Charlie Mulgrew, all of whom are certainly debatable.

Not only can Commons not count very well, but if this is his eye for a player we can mourn that he never tried his hand at management because based on some of his “analysis” over the last few months I reckon the results would have been hilarious.

This is the central defensive partnership which shone against Lazio last year.

One half of it is coveted by AC Milan and other European clubs.

Celtic values Ajer at £25 million and much of the media has been suggesting we “brace ourselves” for that bid.

That central defensive partnership was also the best in Scotland last season.

Commons knows this, but none of it was convenient to his argument. This wasn’t a knee jerk reaction to one bad performance, although it reads like one. This was an attack on Celtic just for the sake of it, using the only available angle.

Last week, Commons was urging the club at Ibrox to sign the players he thinks can snatch ten in a row from us. That should tell you that he has no loyalty to anyone but himself.

Commons has become pathetically anti-Celtic.

He clearly wants to join the exalted category of Walker, Provan and Nicholas, all persona non grata at Parkhead, seen as ignorant stirrers of the soup and hated by the fans.

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