A New Series Of Transfer Rumours Is What Celtic Fans Woke Up To Today.

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Today started, as so many others do, with transfer rumours bubbling away in the pot.

For once, the headlines were about players we might be interested in rather than those we might be interested in getting rid of.

The first two were on the left side of the pitch.

How come the media understands the simple equation that since Neil Lennon has identified that as the crucial zone that their speculation should mostly fall down that side of the pitch, whereas when he says that certain aren’t for sale they continue to write wild nonsense and talk about body language and obliquely suggest that he might be lying?

The stories today start off with Alfie Doughty, the story that just won’t go away.

Last week, we were rumoured to be on the brink of bid number three for the player; reports today suggest that the bid will be submitted in short order.

It will be close to £1 million.

Will that be enough? Lee Bowyer seemed determined, just the other day, to complicate and poison the negotiations as much as possible.

His club, which is desperately short of cash already and which will be reeling from yesterday’s news about a potential six months without fans in stadiums, will be hoping that we are still interested and do still make the bid.

There are other developments today, of course, with rumours popping up again about the Leeds United defender and ex Dundee Utd man Barry Douglas.

I sincerely hope not. He’s injury prone and not what we’re looking for at all.

This is one of those stories which reared its head some months ago and versions of it have popped up everywhere since.

The thing just won’t go away … although I really wish it would.

The Omar Colley story is still doing the rounds. Good grief. Isn’t this one dead already?

It’s another of those examples of people blatantly ignoring what the Celtic manager himself has already said. I accept that this is mostly doing the rounds on the clickbait sites, but every now and again a newspaper runs with it as if there was the slightest truth to it.

Ever heard of Alex Collado? He’s a Barcelona B player, and reports have us linked with him today.

Is there any truth in that? I have no idea where this story originated but as the club over there is going through a period of restructuring I’d be wary of taking seriously any reports linking us to their youth stars. Especially when there a dozen other sides sniffing around.

One final story to snigger over before calling it quits … James McClean?

Oh how good it would be just from the point of view that it would melt minds across the city, but in a footballing context it’s a lot harder to understand. The story has been knocked on the head; I never thought there was all that much to it, and reckon it falls into the same category as the James McCarthy story from earlier in the window; in another world, maybe.

A good day for stories today … but only the Alfie Doughty one seems likely to come about.

If I had to bet on it I’d say we’ll get that one over the line.

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