Big Duffy The Hero For Ireland As He Offers A Glimpse Of What Our Fans Can Expect.

Image for Big Duffy The Hero For Ireland As He Offers A Glimpse Of What Our Fans Can Expect.

Well it was almost as if the script was written for him tonight.

It was late on the in the game between Bulgaria and Ireland, and it seemed to have slipped beyond the Republic’s grasp.

They were a goal down and a dull and ordinary game was deep in injury time.

Ireland got the late corner.

At the one before it, Duffy had gotten on the end of the ball but he was slightly out of position, or the cross was and he only glanced it.

This time, the cross was perfect and he met it perfectly.

It smashed past the keeper like a bullet. It was a header in the penalty area that a striker would have been proud of.

Overall, his performance tonight was very decent.

Some are going to try to blame him for the opening goal, but actually it was his defensive partner who should been covering the scorer. Worrying, for Ireland, they conceded it to the ball put through the middle of both their central defensive pair; that’s an organisational mistake more than an individual’s one.

Duffy did what he could to rally the team over the course of the match, and towards the end he was ushering players up the park to support the attacks. He was captain, and he played a captains role, not only in that he managed to get the equaliser.

That was a formidable performance from a formidable defender.

He will dominate the penalty box at both ends of the pitch like few players we’ve had in recent years. Not only is this guy going to stop goals, but if we get our delivery at set-pieces right he is going to be a dangerous weapon who gets us a right few as well.

It was always on the cards tonight.

I am delighted for him and for us.

This is the kind of lift we needed.

Duffy has shown us what he can do and what he brings to the table, and I’m well pleased.

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