Date: 21st September 2020 at 3:12pm
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So the “governing bodies” decided to fine us for Bolingoli’s breach of Scottish regulations.

The hearing was this afternoon and both ourselves and Aberdeen have copped a slap on the wrist which, in any case, I hope we’re going to appeal.

The fine is £30,000 with £8,000 payable right away.

I’d tell the SPFL what they could do with their eight grand.

I suspect Celtic will want to get the matter behind them, but they should take this more seriously than that.

The SPFL’s staggering decision to charge us under regulations they had just invented really shouldn’t be allowed to go unanswered. They can’t get away with it, and if we roll and accept this we’re saying the creation of ad hoc rules is perfectly okay.

Once that precedent is set, believe me we’re asking for trouble.

We’re paying a price here for the SPFL and the SFA’s own lack of foresight.

They didn’t bother to write rules for this eventuality, although it was perfectly obvious that breaches of this time were almost certain to take place.

The fine is paltry and will not serve as a deterrent, and that could create all sorts of problems on its own.

This will go down like a lead weight in Sevconia though, where some of the more febrile minds really did believe we might be deducted points, and where even more believe we should have been. This will add another dozen pages to their “Officialdom Conspiracy” thread.

They do love to moan, and they do love their status as permanent victims.

At some point this week, the governments in Westminster and London are going to instigate another lockdown, of sorts. It won’t be a full-on one but it will be serious enough to curtail our lives a bit more and give us all pause. Football will not face a shutdown but I still think one is more likely that not before this campaign comes to a close.

The SPFL has today imposed a meaningless fine for an they invented after the fact.

Anyone who has that they can steer us through another dark time … well I have a bridge to sell them. The Kingston one.

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