As the international break drags on – and it hasn’t been bad so far, I’m not saying it has – the coaching staff at Celtic will be busy putting together their plans for the next few matches. It seems clear that we are building a squad which gives us varying tactical options.

To be able to swap tactics requires a combination of the right personnel and the right plan. We come up against packed defences every week in Scotland and there are only a few ways of drawing the opposition out of their favoured formations so we can pick them off.

The decisions Lennon makes in this regard will determine the course of our season to come.

If he makes the right choices we will win ten in a row.

If he makes the wrong ones we are going to struggle, and perhaps even see it slipping away from us.

Neil Lennon knows this, and that’s why he’s insisted on getting certain players in certain positions above others. The team seems ready, but for a few positions where we still need cover. This article will look at the various options – and the personnel – which are open to us going forward. Lennon has used all of these at one time or another.

The question as to which we’ll use here will determine our fate.

This article will be split into two main sections, the personnel and the tactics.