Celtic Should Be Furious As Rugby Escapes The Same Punishment As Football For Health Breaches.

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Today’s news about how a rugby player has tested positive for the bug after attending a house party would have rung no bells in football, had his club been excoriated by the politicians and their next couple of games suspended.

That was the standard the Scottish Government set, wasn’t it? At least within the round ball game, anyway.

But the game goes on.

The squad isn’t being quarantined. There has been no political backlash.

The national science advisor expressed disappointment, but there has been none of the fury unleashed on football.

There has been no media outcry either.

Rugby, which was allowed a test program when football was having its own put back several times, has been shown to have different rules again.

What is the Scottish Government’s issue with football?

What is their problem with the National Game?

How much money does rugby contribute to the national economy, as opposed to football? Why doesn’t this matter? Any other part of the tourism and leisure industry would be treated with an appropriate amount of respect.

There’s no respect given to our sport.

The country is in deep trouble; I mean, we have Johnson on the telly as I write this telling us that the second wave was inevitable, when actually it was nothing of the sort. We could have avoided it, or at least limited the impact, had certain measures been passed earlier and has others not been relaxed when they were.

The idea that we will avoid a second lockdown is for the birds.

So our sport is going to be subjected to further pressures.

That is a certainty.

Will the Scottish Government give football a fair shake? I would suggest not, because we’ve not had one up until now.

I think it is astounding that they so readily apply such a double standard, and I think it’s even worse that our media doesn’t stand up for the sport properly.

The SFA and the SPFL don’t either.

I hope Celtic issues a statement about this since nobody else is going to.

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