Celtic Should Call Milan’s Bluff And Bring This Dire Ajer Nonsense To A Swift Close.

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If Milan really are “readying” a move for Kris Ajer, let’s have it. Let’s not mess about another minute longer.

If they think he’s worth the big bucks, then let’s see the colour of their money.

If they’re offering us £15 million we should bite their hands off.

Today’s story, which the Scottish press is regurgitating as if it were remotely likely, is that he would go to Milan on loan for a year and that they’d have a set fee for buying him at the end of it. If we let him go on loan we’ll never see the fee, because he’s not half the player he thinks he is and would be found out in that kind of high profile environment.

But if the Milan’s interest is real and not just media stirring, we ought to call their bluff and say “make a bid and we can talk.”

Nobody realistically believes Ajer is going to sign a new deal and so it’s a matter of time before he’s gone and sooner is better from the point of view of having people here who want to be and jettisoning those who don’t.

This is dragging on too long. We need to get this resolved, because if he’s going we need a replacement for him, and a good one, not some project player we’ll be lucky to see in the first team this side of New Year.

If Ajer is going, get it done ASAP and get in someone else, and minimise the disruption to the first team squad.

It is tiresome having to deal with these situations every summer, but Ajer could have solved all this by signing a new deal.

We were led to believe that it was his agent who was playing games, but in fact the player himself clearly has no interest in doing so.

It is time we brought this little dance to a close, one way or another, so we can get on with the job at hand.

Celtic should tell Milan it’s put up or shut up time, and we should tell the player the same thing.

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