Duncan Shearer’s Edouard Comments Were Laughable And So Is The Sun For Printing Them.

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Late last night, someone sent me The Sun’s story about Odsonne Edouard.

I laughed out loud. I thought to myself, “How many more of these has-beens and never-have-beens are they going to dredge up to offer their opinions on Eddie’s mentality?”

Who here remembers Duncan Shearer?

It’s not a name that rolls off the tongue. It doesn’t automatically jog the memory banks.

To our current generation of supporters, he’ll be about as familiar as Ivan Bunin.

He, at least, was the first Russian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature … Shearer won a League Cup with Aberdeen.

In 1996.

That was during Rangers’ nine in a row.

Ancient history?

Shearer hasn’t been involved with Scottish football since 2013, where had a brief sojourn as temporary manager at Inverness. It went so well he hasn’t worked in the game since. He doesn’t even have a newspaper column and these days ever diddy who ever kicked a ball has one of those.

So why are we bothering with what he thinks?

Because a national newspaper has taught him as it has taught so many others that you can get yourself into the public eye quite easily if you’ve been on the periphery of football. Say something negative about Celtic or one of our players and you get the spotlight.

And what’s Shearer’s contribution to the great debates raging at the moment?

Odsonne Edouard didn’t look particularly interest at Dingwall.

Therefore, he must be contemplating leaving Celtic.

In spouting this dire pish, Shearer is only following in the clumsy footsteps of Frank McAvennie, who reached the summit of this dung pile before him.

Which means this doesn’t even have the spark of originality.

It was tired claptrap before … what does that make this, and the paper which published it?

And following McAvennie’s ridiculous comments, Eddie only went out and scored a hat-trick the very first game of the campaign, and dedicated it to the idiot.

Don’t be surprised if he does exactly the same tonight.

One of my favourite movies is Taxi Driver, and it has one of the greatest straplines of all time; “On every street in every city, there’s a nobody who dreams of being a somebody.”

If only Travis Bickle had played for Morton … he could have generated a few easy headlines by talking about how Neil Lennon’s training methods weren’t up to par.

Then he wouldn’t have had to kill a bunch of people for self-validation.

A stupid analogy?

No less stupid than the garbage the media puts out every single day, with this being a case in point.

Duncan Shearer, for Gods sake?

If you had to look him up you aren’t alone.

The media will stop at nothing to drip poison in our ears right now. As if the initial story wasn’t enough, the clickbait merchants at The Scotsman – resident clown Joel Sked come on down – are running with this garbage as if it’s actual news.

This is desperate, desperate stuff from all of them, and will be filed under Reasons We Hold The Media In Contempt.

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