This is one of those articles I’ve been meaning to do a couple of weeks, and now with and Sevco in final qualifying round I figure it’s time to put it out there.

The question is simply this; is it in our best interests – as far as goes – for Sevco to go through to the Europa League Groups or for them to go out?

By its very nature, this is a divisive issue.

Celtic fans will have strong opinions on it one way or the other, and I’d like to feature some of those views in a follow up piece, after Thursday, and with the aid of a poll on the matter, which I’m going to put on the final page of this article.

In a normal year, this would be cut and dried; we’d all want to see the Ibrox club go out of at the earlier opportunity, and indeed I’m going to declare myself right now and tell you that I still want them to go out on Thursday night … but I can’t pretend it’s black and white.

There are several things to consider here, both pros and cons.

I want to cover the main ones from each … and at the end of the piece you guys can have a and make the decision.

I’ll check the comments on The CelticBlog group and a handful of others from elsewhere and I’ll do a follow-up piece if we get enough (anything over 2000 I think will justify doing a second article) …

I am going to be very interested in what people think here, because although that happens at Ibrox will be half as important as what we do ourselves in the league, it is clear that their general is going to be an issue and is going to be a factor in how all this shakes out.

Like I said, I am going to be interested to see what people think.

Without further ado then, let’s get on to the pros and cons of this …

For the sake of argument, we’ll have the pros representing why we should want them to go out … and the cons representing why we might just want them to go through.