No Wonder Celtic Are Demanding Answers From The SFA. Our Sport Has No Leadership At All.

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Last night, we learned that Celtic has demanded answers from the SFA in relation to the decision to play the match in the Czech Republic.

We were all aware that a number of our players are over there, but what I didn’t know was that we also have several backroom team members amongst the official Scotland party as well, and it’s this level of exposure that has made the club especially anxious.

Celtic are right to demand assurances and answers, and this is especially true when you consider that both Rod Petrie and Ian Maxwell have decided not to make the trip because they are concerned about their safety.

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to hide.

This just adds to the general level of disgust that fans and clubs must feel; these two are supposed to be leading our game but they are watching events from home whilst other people take the risks. I cannot think of a more obvious abrogation of responsibility and dereliction of duty.

These people are not front-line generals.

They are cowards, and not because they don’t want to make this trip.

Nobody in the Scotland party should be making this trip.

If they don’t believe it’s safe what goddamned business do they have sending other people over there? Are the clubs really going to swallow this?

Celtic has led the way on health and safety protocols at every stage of this so far. The SFA couldn’t even put regulations in place to punish players and clubs who break the rules until it had happened and the government were demanding heads roll.

They allowed the Ibrox NewCo to get away with playing a match when they didn’t know if their players had been deemed virus free … no wonder the politicians were furious.

The SFA has now exposed the Scotland squad and its backup team to an unacceptable level of risk, and they cannot even hide it because the two men at the top of the pyramid are worried enough that they are cowering in their Hampden offices with their masks on.

These people have stopped even pretending to be leaders.

The farce of “SFA elections” and the total failure to reform the way we choose the people comes back to bite us again and again.

Celtic would be as well hollering into the mirror as this pissing in the wind; we’re the biggest club in the country and so a lot of the responsibility, and thus the failure, falls on us.

We have utterly failed to reform the gutless, visionless culture at the top of our national sport.

Is it going to take the tragedy of a shattered season to force clubs to get a grip and demand real change?

If it doesn’t come after this summer, it never will.

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