Odsonne Edouard Is Injured. This Is Not A Conspiracy To Cover Up Talks On His Celtic Departure.

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Unbelievable. All week long I’ve been reading the same nonsense.

On clickbait sites and in the mainstream media there is flapping about exactly what’s going on with Odsonne Edouard.

The answer is simple, for those who actually pay attention or aren’t fishing.

The guy is injured. There’s no conspiracy here. International fortnight is not being used as a cover for transfer talks.

I know we have to put up with a lot of this garbage, but this is such a non-story I can hardly believe the number of people speculating on it.

Edouard did not feign an injury and thus jeopardise our Champions League qualification.

He has missed the last two games.

The French national team doctor has confirmed that he’s still carrying the thigh strain.

They are monitoring his progress because he might be able to play some part in their games … Lennon has said he expects him to play at Ross County.

Still, I read people questioning whether or not he’s appeared in a Celtic shirt for the last time.

If they want to bet on his departure before our next game, I’ll be happy to take their money. His agent has said both he and the player are happy at Celtic for the moment and that not even our exit from the Champions League changes that … people are calling him a liar.

Why is it difficult for people to believe that Edouard is committed to seeing out this campaign? Why is it difficult to believe that his agent and he have a plan for the guy’s future that doesn’t involve taking the first offer that comes along?

Why are people so ready to believe that the Celtic manager is taking part in a disinformation campaign about the future of the player?

A few weeks ago, Celtic got a tentative inquiry from Newcastle about Edouard. They told the EPL side that the player wasn’t for sale. Period. At any price.

Edouard has a decent contract, and there’s another on the table from us … he will almost certainly go next summer come what may and for a huge fee which will enable us to replace him and several other key players whilst we’re at it. For now we don’t need to sell.

Celtic will lose at least one senior player in this window, but there is precisely zero evidence to suggest that Eddie will be one of them. Had we gone out and signed Toney then we might have had reason to be concerned. Ajeti was not brought here to replace Eddie but to play alongside him, and what I find most hilarious are the people saying the forward line will be Ajeti and Klimala whilst at the same time writing that the manager doesn’t fancy the Pole.

They can’t even get their own bloody story straight.

Why should we listen to a word they say?

I’d rather listen to Lennon, the player, the player’s agent, the medical team at Celtic Park and the medical team of the French Under 21 team … who are all singing from the same song sheet.

Are they all liars?

Jesus, that’s a conspiracy Sevconia would be proud of.

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