Date: 2nd September 2020 at 2:13pm
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When The Daily Record and other outlets jovially printed Connor Goldson’s “hilarious” snark at Shane Duffy this morning, I have to admit that I did laugh.

I laughed because a Sevconut on Twitter had attempted to suggest that Goldson was a better player last night, only for another fan to remind him who it was that ended the Sevco defender’s career at Brighton.

Yes, indeed. For it was none other than Duffy himself.

I love how dumb these Peepul are at times.

In the season before Duffy signed for Brighton, Goldson played 26 times in their team. In the two seasons after that, with Duffy firmly established as the first choice there, he played 16 games.

That’s 26 games in total.

Would I have known that but for arrogant Sevconuts trying to score cheap points?

Of course I wouldn’t have.

Because these are minor matters.

Goldson probably did think he was being funny this morning, and our hacks lapped up his wee joke about whether Duffy’s Celtic contract had a 14-day cancellation clause. But It’s the Irishman who’ll have the last laugh.

This is a player who’s spent the last three years amongst the elite of the EPL. Goldson has spent the last two years flitting in and out of the Sevco team when he’s not been taking pelters from their fans and having his attitude and commitment questioned by the manager.

Honestly, you have to love our media sometimes … they are always good for a laugh, just not in the way they think they are.

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